The Center for Health and Economy (H&E), a research initiative of the American Action Forum, is focused on providing accessible analysis on the outlook for the United States health care system. With the guidance of nationally recognized economic, budget, and public policy experts, H&E uses microsimulation models and health economics literature to evaluate the effects of current and proposed health policy legislation and administrative changes.



Fully Implementing the Affordable Care Act

While enacted in 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has never been fully implemented. The Health Insurance Marketplaces and partial Medicaid expansion were implemented in 2014, but under the Obama Administration full implementation was prevented by states that were slow…


H.R. 1346 – The Medicare Buy-in and Health Care Stabilization Act of 2019

In recent months, several lawmakers have released various versions of a Medicare buy-in proposal. Nearly all of them include allowing people aged 50 to 64 to buy into Medicare. In the following report, the Center for Health and Economy (H&E)…


Health and Economy Baseline Estimates

The following report details the most recent updates to the H&E baseline estimates of insurance coverage, federal budgetary impact, plan choice, and the premium landscape of health insurance for Americans under the age of 65. The Center for Health and…